Holi Wholesomeness with Nutty Goodness

As the vibrant festival of Holi approaches, the air is filled with excitement and anticipation. The gujia, & ghevar must have made their places already in the kitchen cabinets by now but what about the nutrition? On festivals, we can surely be lenient with our diets but why not make our sweets a little more healthier with the nutty goodness of Purva Bites?

Who doesn’t like their gujia with mava stuffing along with some crunchy roasted nuts & chewy raisins? Or the sprinkles of chopped pistachios over ghevars? So it’s like we are not only adding the nutrition with nuts but we’re getting additional and delectable flavours as well. 

Through this blog, we’ll deep dive into the traditions of Holi and food & and will improvise them to get the maximum nutrition. 


Embracing Tradition:

Holi is deeply rooted in tradition and culture, with rituals and customs varying across different regions of India. One of the most beloved traditions is the exchange of sweets and snacks among friends and family. Gujiyas, puran poli, thandai, and an array of sweets adorn every household during this festive period. While these delicacies are undeniably delicious, they often come laden with sugar and unhealthy fats.


Nutty Goodness: A Healthy Twist:

Incorporating nuts into Holi delicacies not only adds a delightful crunch but also boosts their nutritional value. Nuts like almonds, pistachios, cashews, and walnuts are packed with essential nutrients such as protein, fibre, vitamins, and healthy fats. By infusing these nutty treasures into our festive treats, we can indulge guilt-free, knowing that we are nourishing our bodies while satisfying our taste buds.

You can guiltlessly enjoy these delicacies given below: 


Almond Thandai:

Thandai, a traditional Holi beverage, gets a nutritious upgrade with the addition of almonds. Blend together almonds, milk, saffron, cardamom, and a hint of rose water to create a creamy and indulgent drink that will keep you refreshed throughout the festivities.


Cashew Gujiya:

Gujiya, the quintessential Holi sweet, becomes even more decadent when filled with a mixture of cashews, khoya (reduced milk), and aromatic spices. Fry these golden parcels until crispy and golden brown, and watch them disappear within moments!


Pistachio Barfi:

Give the classic barfi a green makeover by incorporating finely chopped pistachios into the mixture. Sweet, nutty, and irresistibly delicious, these pistachio barfis are sure to be a hit among your guests.


Walnut Laddoos:

Combine roasted walnuts, dates, and a dash of ghee to create wholesome laddoos that are not only delicious but also packed with energy-boosting nutrients. Roll them into bite-sized balls and watch as everyone reaches for seconds.


Cashew Coconut Ladoos:

Ladoos are another popular Holi sweet, cherished for their simplicity and sweetness. Give these traditional sweets a nutty makeover by blending cashews and desiccated coconut into a fine powder and shaping them into bite-sized ladoos. These nutty delights are not only delicious but also a rich source of energy, perfect for keeping you energized during the Holi festivities.


Incorporating nuts into your Holi treats doesn't just enhance their taste; it also adds a plethora of health benefits. Nuts are rich in protein, fibre, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals, making them a nutritious addition to your festive spread. From supporting heart health to boosting brain function, nuts offer a wide range of benefits that make them a valuable part of any diet. And now the question is where to shop for quality nuts & dry fruits? And the answer for sure is Purva Bites.


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