~ Why Choose us? ~
“Your fitness is now our responsibility.”

Purva by The Saffron Wellness is a manufacturer and dealer of a spectrum dry fruits & healthful snacks. A premium quality nutriment store, Purva was established ten years back to modernise the traditional flavours of India by provoking authentic confectionery and snacks with exotic taste & happiness to urban customers. We furthermore propose a range of gifting solutions to organisations in customisable packets for fulfilling their requirements.

We have been catering to diverse preferences for years with a state-of-the-art manufacturing and packaging capacity. Our stores are circulated across locations in (city), exporting to various cities and branches. Over these past three years, Purva has demonstrated operational business performance and have focused only on the quality of the food.

~ At Purva ~

we discern the tendencies and the particular tastes of Indian customers. We influence our creativity in traditional Indian cuisine and unique tools to prepare  snacks that not barely maintain you but furthermore enhance the original flavors. Our boxes and packages of namkeens and meethai’s are homemade with carefully selected ingredients and precise mixtures to catch the nationality and stir them with an irresistible flavor.

~ Vision ~

We envision evolving a frontrunner of ethnic savories in

India by providing the utmost premium quality foods and services. We want Purva to be secondly called Quality Foods. Along with utmost integrity, we wish on setting fresher benchmarks of innovation along with authenticity.

Organic means growing our food, which is to nourish us, without chemical aids during the growing process such as fertilisers, pesticides, fungcides, herbacides, larbicides etc
~ Mission ~

Consumer satisfaction is a way of life at Purva. We wish to attain supreme customer delight by:

  • Steering high principles of quality across all accomplishment parameters
  • Assuring optimal utilisation of resources, comprising finance, human resources and material. 
  • We are specifying, encouraging and improving skills among workers.
  • We are continually upgrading our abilities based on consumer needs and expectations.

Healthy eating isn’t an option; It’s more of a lifestyle.

Make a shift by preferring a lifestyle of loyalty, planning, and commitment. Your favourite snack is tasty at Purva & your favourite snack is healthy too. It’s not the nutrition itself that can be considered unhealthy, but the components used that can healthify even the ones known to be junkiest. At Purva, we will deliver you knowledge on how to veer around unhealthy and healthy without compromising on taste.