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Premium Cashews (Kaju)

Premium Cashews (Kaju)

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    Premium Cashews are more than just delicious; they come bearing a treasure trove of health benefits. These creamy and buttery nuts are packed with essential nutrients, boasting an abundance of vitamins, protein, fiber, and minerals. As a result, they make for an excellent addition to your daily diet, promoting heart health, aiding in weight management, and providing a natural source of energy.

    At Purva Bites, we take pride in bringing you the finest cashews, meticulously selected for their exceptional quality and flavor. Our Premium Cashews are perfect for snacking or adding a delightful crunch to your culinary creations. Discover the goodness of these nuts and embark on a journey towards better health and taste. Purchase our Premium Cashews online and relish the perfect blend of flavor and nourishment with Purva Bites.

    Cashews are the heart of Indian cuisine. Whether it is about snacks, sweets, or dishes, cashews cannot escape the eye or the taste buds! Their wide usage can be attributed to their creamy flavor and nutrient value. 

    Purva Bites Premium Cashews, available for online purchase are not only delicious but also provide many health benefits. These buttery nuts come with abundant nutrients, such as protein, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. All these nutrients help prevent gallstones, promote heart health, aid in weight loss management, boost the immune system, and maintain nerve health. Being a great source of antioxidants, it also helps to maintain good health. 

    Purva Bites is dedicated to bringing premium quality cashews into your kitchen. With the goodness of nature and harvest at its best, these premium cashews add crunchy flavor to your tastebuds. You can easily buy cashews online from Purva Bites with the convenience of your home.  Buying cashews online saves you from the hassles of standing at the long checkout queue, and spending high cost. 

    Health Benefits 

    • Promote Heart Health: Cashew nuts contain monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats that help to lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels. With this, the risk of heart disease is minimized too.  
    • Boost the Immune System: Vitamin E, zinc, and copper are some of the minerals available in cashews that boost a strong immune system. Vitamin E guards the cells from any harm, while zinc and copper maintain and grow the immune cells. 
    • Aid in Weight Management: The availability of healthy fat and protein keeps you full for longer durations and provides relief from hunger pangs. But do keep in mind that cashews are heavy in calories, so add them to your diet plan in moderation. 
    • Improve Digestive Function: The high fiber present in cashews improves digestion by improving regular bowel movement and reducing constipation. Consume in moderate amounts as higher intake can be uncomfortable for your digestive system. 


    Recommendations for Storage 

    • As you buy cashews online, store it away from pests and insects
    • Don’t use plastic packaging that comes with the online purchase of cashews; instead, store it in stainless steel or plastic containers. 
    • Store it in cold or dry places. The ideal temperature is between 15-20°C (59-68°F). 
    • Avoid exposure to strong odors, as cashews can absorb their odors 
    • Avoid placing it in direct contact with sunlight and water.  

    Daily Usage of Premium Cashews

    • Make your favorite halwa and garnish it with these finest cashews. 
    • You can also use cashews to garnish the gravy dish, giving it a royal finish and rich taste. 
    • It can also be added to milk or shakes for added nutrients. 
    • Add a taste of crunchiness to the salad with the roasted cashews.
    • Buy cashews online, the best replacement for unhealthy snacks that are consumed when binge-watching is done.
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