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What are Roasted Nuts?

Nuts are extremely healthy and tasty snacks when you are on the go. They are packed with vitamins, protein, fiber, and healthy fats. Many studies have shown that eating nuts has several benefits for your health, including lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, maintaining weight, and more. 

But if raw nuts are so good, what is the noise for roasted nuts? And what exactly are roasted nuts?

Let’s understand! 

Simply put, when nuts are cooked using dry heat without using water, it is called the process of roasting nuts. Roasted nuts have improved aroma, texture, and taste. This process changes their structure and chemical composition. Roasting lowers their moisture content and color, which gives rise to a more crunchy, nutty taste. This sets it apart from raw nuts. And the best part? The amount of calories, fats, carbs, and protein is very similar to that of raw nuts.      

There are mainly two types of roasting processes: 

  1. Dry Roasting: Nuts are roasted in the oven or frying pan without the use of oil. 
  2. Oil Roasting: As the name suggests, use oil to roast nuts in the oven or a frying pan. 

Other than this, nuts can also be roasted in the microwave. 

Benefits of Roasted Dry Fruits 

Indian households always place great importance on dry fruits. Whether it is Diwali or the usual morning, you can find dry fruits in the kitchen at any time of the year. Ayurveda has always stressed the importance of eating dry fruits in our day-to-day lives. Now, let us understand the health benefits of roasted dry fruits. 

  • Roasted Nuts Ease the Digestion Process 

This is a rule of thumb that any cooked food is easier to digest as compared to its raw form. So, roasted dry fruits are easier on the stomach than raw nuts. If you have a digestion problem, roasted nuts are perfect for you. It not only gets digested quicker, but your body can also absorb more nutrients. 

  • Roasting Improves the Taste and Texture of Nuts 

Roasting nuts enhances the taste and texture of nuts. It lowers their moisture content and makes them crispy and crunchy. Plus, roasted nuts also have various flavors, such as Thai sweet chili almond nuts, black paper roasted cashews, roasted salted pistachios, and more!  

  • Roasted Nuts Reduce Contamination Risks

During the roasting process, the heat/steam kills any kind of bacteria and lowers the risk of contamination. 

  • Roasted Nuts are Filled with Healthy Nutrients 

Roasted dry fruits are filled with healthy nutrients, including vitamins, protein, fiber, healthy fat, and carbs. A handful of roasted dry fruits are enough to keep diseases away!  

Types of Roasted Dry Fruits

  1. Roasted Almonds or Badams 
  2. Cashews, also known as Kaju 
  3. Pistachios, referred to as Pista 
  4. Walnut, also called Akhrot 
  5. Pumpkin Seeds
  6. Roasted Flax Seeds
  7. Black Chia Seeds
  8. Green Raisin

Things to See While Buying Roasted Nuts Online

Buying dry fruits online saves you from paying overpriced for a not-so-good quality. Online listed products provide full information from their origin to their nutrient benefits; hence making a wise purchase. Plus, you can also compare different prices without wasting time roaming around from one brand to another. Now, let us see what you need to keep in mind while buying roasted nuts online. 

  • Check all the information on its packaging and make sure it aligns with your values and needs. 
  • Buy from a trusted and reputed online brand or website. 
  • Keep in mind the review of the product you want to purchase. 
  • Ensure that the shipping options provide a guaranteed delivery time.   
  • Make sure to read the return policy. 

Why Buy Roasted Nuts from Purva Bites?

Purva Bites aims to maintain a healthy balance of taste and nutrients. We want you to consume ingredients of premium quality. Purva Bites provides multiple options of flavor and variety for you to choose from. From almonds to cashews, or from salted to peri peri – we got you! Because we care about you and your privacy, Purva Bites ensures a secure checkout. And the most important thing that could never be missed is delivery. We manufacture fresh and healthy products, meaning you deserve to get the same. Purva Bites provides fast delivery to satisfy your healthy cravings. Enjoy delicious and nutritious roasted dry fruits with roasted nuts.  

Frequently Asked Questions about Roasted Nuts

What are The Nutrients Contained in Roasted Nuts? 

The following are the nutrients contained in roasted nuts: 

  • Calories
  • Fat
  • Protein
  • Carbs
  • Fiber
  • Vitamin E
  • Magnesium
  • Manganese

Which is Healthier, Roasted or Raw Nuts? 

The nutritional value of roasted and raw nuts is almost the same. But if you are someone with digestive problems, then roasted nuts are your go-to dry fruits. Since they are cooked, digestion becomes easier, and the body can absorb nutrition faster. 

Where to Buy Almond Nuts Online? 

Buy premium quality almond nuts online at Purva Bites. We provide different varieties of almonds. Whether you prefer different flavors or different trees, Purva Bites take care of all your needs. Don’t miss out on these essential almond nuts online today! 

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